Saturday, 3 March 2012

UW Sheboygan Bookworm gardens

This is a post brought about by reading Life on the Cut Off’sblog today, asking followers to name their favourite Dr Seuss books. In a conversation which followed I mentioned visiting the UW Sheboygan campus book park. Actually it is known as a "bookworm garden," and I believe is one of a few dotted across the US. I visited it in Autumn 2010, just as it was opening. I am sure it has developed since then. It is a magical place for children and adults alike. Anyone able to visit....should do, it is a wonderful place.

The following photos were mostly taken on my trip in 2010, when I was taken there by my friend, DK, whose “celebration of life” party I attended this last January in Sheboygan, following her death just before Christmas.

This is one of my favourite bits..... the wonderful story of ducks in Boston , "Make way for Ducklings"

and finally, DK checking out Pooh and company.
DK was a wonderful high school English teacher, who loved literature, and provided her many nieces and nephews and friends and their children with fabulous children's books. Many of my daughter's favourite childrens stories have come through DK. DK loved this place and would love the idea that our 2010 visit has provided inspiration for a blog post.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I'd love to go to a bookworm garden. Your pictures are gorgeous. What a lovely and unexpected post! Axxx

  2. I never thought in a million years that I would find myself posting twice in 2 days.... I expected this activity to be very occasional, but conversations across the world, in this case with Life on the cut off, just meant I had to dig out these photos.I just wish I was better at the technical bits...failed to manage a link back to Life on the cut off's original posting. Oh well, Perpetua is giving me lots of help !
    PS baby Izzie is out of hospital and back home again ! Jx

  3. I love this post, Janice, and can't wait to visit it someday, hopefully with our granddaughter when she get just a bit bigger, though I know I would have fun just being me! I love the ducklings and Make Way for Ducklings is a favorite children's book. We saw the original statures in the Boston Commons a few years ago. I'm wondering if that one picture with the log cabin is for Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House books. Can you tell I'm a kid at heart?

    Thank you for mentioning my blog, Janice and three cheers for your continuing posts!

    1. Yes , the Little House books by L I Wilder are represented by the log can wander into them and play at being those children they have read about. The ducklings are really lovely. I too, saw the originals in Boston, and went on a swan boat, just as shown in those wonderful illustrations in the book. My daughter will never forget it.
      Thanks for reading. J

  4. A terrific post with gorgeous photos, Janice. I saw you comment on Penny's blog and love the idea of one blog post being inspired by another. :-)

    As far as posting links is concerned, it's really easy and you could edit this post to make the link live.

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    Then click on OK and that should be that.

  5. Thanks Perpetua... I knew I'd need your help again soon. I'll give it a go!

  6. worked, no problems at all. Thank you so much. J.

    1. Great, Janice! Like a lot of things, once you've done it that first time, it's easy. Oh, I forgot to say, I really love the statues in the bookworm garden and especially the photo of the little girl crouching down by the lying statue. So sweet!

  7. Lovely post Janice and beautiful photos x