Friday, 11 May 2012

Interim, interval, interlude......

The last few days have been strange. I returned to Yorkshire in order to be here for my daughter Jess's 21st birthday. A flight schedule change means that actually I will only be here for breakfast on her birthday, and will be going back to France later in the morning.

in true Blue Peter I made earlier.....the 21st celebration cake will require candles.

So, our birthday celebration will be a breakfast muffin ( with candle) at Liverpool airport. Mark will then take her out for lunch with the rest of the family, and she will do her own thing with friends that night, in some very loud and busy club in Liverpool. I note, however, that I am required to make a cake for her to take back to Liverpool.

I have felt quite unsettled being “home” this time, knowing how much I want to get on with the garden in France, and prepare for the onslaught of visitors who will start arriving 4 days after I get back. ( This includes newly 21 year old Jess and 3 of her friends, so I'm supposing that will require another cake).

It has however, been wonderful to see the grandchildren, and....
.....we did manage a day on the canal at the weekend. Mark's sister gave him the trip as a 60th birthday present last year. So, despite the unspring like weather , we set off to master the locks on the Rochdale canal. The children loved it, as did most of the adults, most of the time, when we weren't worrying about the possibility of boys overboard.

 So, despite catching up with a few things, and seeing the children, my Yorkshire stay has seemed a bit muddled...... not really long enough to do anything but organise what comes next. That is a way of life I want to avoid. I want us to enjoy now, and not spend time planning future fun.

I look forward to being a little more settled, back in France for the rest of the summer.


  1. Firstly, it's amazing to think Jess is now 21! Congratulations to her (and you both). It's a shame you only managed breakfast together but I'm sure you'll make up for that when you all get together in France.
    I am so in love with the photo of the three boys in their lifejackets! It's gorgeous - they do look ready for a dive in though, so glad all went well.
    I have absolutely no idea where you are at the moment - mid-flight or landed and back in Caunes? Safe journey and happy landings, wherever you are.

  2. I'm still in Yorkshire... Jess is 21 on Tuesday ( same day as G Tonkin's birthday )and it doesn't seem possible to me either. I feel as if I dont really know where I am at the moment...back in France by lunchtime on Tuesday...then I can settle. Jx

  3. Birthday greetings to Jess - 21 is very special - and didn't it come round quickly! I feel the need for chocolate cake after seeing your photo and what little cuties are the bhoys in lifejackets.
    Celia x

  4. Thanks one way Jess being 21 came round so fast it surprised me, but in another... I dont believe there was ever life before her....I certainly dont remember much about it anyway. Undoubtedly the best thing I have ever done! Jx

  5. Well it sounds like you're having a good time Janice, even though you feel a bit unsettled. It will be nice when your daughter visits you in France. You can make up for the lack of time with her then.

    The photos of the boys are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Ayak... the boys are gorgeous, and they really did enjoy their adventure on a canal boat for the day. I am looking forward to being back in France, and you're right,it will be lovely when Jess comes out. J.

  6. Just a quick catch up ...

    I'm sure Jess will enjoy her birthday both in Liverpool and in France. My son had his 21st last September. He had just started his year in Colorado and it felt very strange not to be with or near him on that special day. Still he enjoyed it!

    Enjoy your time with the family.

  7. PS The cake looked delicious!

  8. Thanks Gaynor, I must admit to looking forward to the French birthday celebrations...hopefully in the sunshine. The forecast for the Aude looks good from now on. J.

  9. Hello Janice:
    How really frustrating these flight changes can be - we have just been informed of a change of time for a booking we have to Lucca in July. But we are certain that, notwithstanding, the birthday breakfast was enjoyable.

    Increasingly we are loathe to return to our Brighton flat, even for a few days, never as long as a week, and so do know how you feel about leaving your home in France.

  10. Hello Jane and Lance, I am interested to hear of your thoughts about returning to Brighton....our plans were to have about 6 months in each "home". I suppose I'm still hoping that works out for us, we will have to wait and see. J.

  11. I know just what you mean about short trips, Janice. Neither one thing nor the other and not long enough to do anything properly. That's why we always go away for at least 5 or 6 weeks and then have at least a month at home before the next trip. I don't do bitty any more. :-)

    All good wishes to the birthday girl and afe journey back to Caunes.

  12. Thankyou, This sounds like a very sensible approach Perpetua. I suppose after a lifetime of fortnight "holidays", moving to a different pattern of life is bound to be difficult/interesting. Mark seems happier to flit between homes, but I am looking forward to the next 11 weeks....all in France.