Saturday, 23 August 2014


Having 2 lots of grandchildren staying with us over the last 3 weeks has been lovely......but I would be witholding the complete truth if I didn't say that their parents have our complete admiration as we see them  deal with the under 7s on a daily basis. Matt and Sarah Jane have 3 boys under 7, and Jodie and Kieron have a 6 year old and a 2 year old.

 It is hard work  ( I wonder how we ever did it ! )

Friends from a nearby village, Jane and Steve, gave us their children’s lego collection. We’ve met one of their children, Verity…now in her mid 30s, and she didn’t seem to mind too much. I did say that if she felt the urge to play with it, she should just say, and we would arrange it !

Anyway, our grandchildren have been thrilled with it, and despite all their playing in the pool, and on various beaches, in the 3 bears' house, at local playgrounds and with the many vide grenier toys I have collected over the last 3 years, they have somehow found time to create some wonderful masterpieces. In the words of the latest Lego movie....they are masterbuilders.

So...thanks Verity and Charles. 

We have had some peaceful times during the last 3 weeks...not many, but lego has certainly played an important part in the quieter moments of the grandchildren's stay with us entertaining them , and........ in keeping us sane.


  1. When we moved to Spain, one of the things I insisted upon taking was the huge bag of lego pieces, which also included duplo and fabuland for the inbetweenies. My two had hours and hours of fun building and creating and I have to admit I too thoroughly enjoyed playing with them, hours lost, Lovely to be able to enjoy your grandies whilst at the end of the day their parents had ultimate responsibility. Wonderful memories, enjoy your time together xcx

  2. Lego and Playaymobil...what would we have done without them? We still have all ours and I couldn't part with it. Hope one day to enjoy some masterbuilding with my own grandchildren. Yours look wonderful. Axxx

  3. Couldn't agree more, Janice. Lego is a sanity-saver for grandparents in my experience. We still have quite a lot that our two had when they were little (nearly 40 years ago now) but Lego thankfully doesn't date. :-)

  4. What a lovely family. You might be exhausted, but I'll bet you are happy!

    We still have boxes of Lego in our loft, together with Playmobil and Brio. Timeless.

    All we need are the grandchildren to make use if it...xx

  5. Masterbuilders, unite! I don't have any here, Janice, and need to remedy that. We have toys here for the grands, and they come with their own entourage of "things", but, it would be fun to have some here as well. :) That is quite a collection.
    The children are darling. Enjoy the rest of your time with them, their parents, etal. - then, rest in the quiet.

  6. I can remember never having enough lego bricks when I was a kid. I don't think your grandchildren have that problem.

  7. The old toys are the best! Everyone loves Lego whether they carefully follow the picture on the box or make fantastic new creation from their imagination.