Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Just for a laugh, and a bit of self indulgence:

For my 60th birthday party daughter Jess complied a timeline of my is a small selection !
Comments aren't really needed for pudding basin cuts.......why did our mothers do this to us ?
Hair bands.....and the kids in matching granny knit jumpers

I adored that dress...bought with my first Saturday job wage. I earned 27/6d for a day working at Stead and Simpsons in Hendon. I think the dress cost £1.19/.6d, so mum lent me the rest. This was 1970....I was 15.

My American Lit lecturer just informing me that his zip had broken in his trousers
Me.....a very suntanned teacher....just returned from a US holiday.

Another teacher pose....with my Sheboygan High class.
My first visit to Venice.
I'm on the left, wearing one of my mother's dresses, which I absolutely loved and wish I still had.....although as it would never fit in a million years, perhaps it is best that I don't still have it.

I had to get rid of the frizz and dead ends after Jess was born
but never mind about my hair.....what about Marks ? 

I went back to being dark for a while. If you are taking notice here, you will see that I, too, used a pudding basin on my daughter. Sorry's a mother thing.

oh heavens...another damn perm. I think this was the last one...never to be repeated.

yes, looking lovingly into Kevin Costner's eyes !
I don't know why it took me so many years to have the gap in my front teeth fixed !
Then began the orange phase......I loved it.

Sometimes the orange was maybe a bit too much ! I seem to recall
most of this came off on the pillow case at night.

Then came the wigs:



and finally, enough hair growth to get rid of the wigs. ( They are still in a drawer in my bedroom.....what do people do with old wigs ?)

The post chemo curly phase

and finally, back to normal

except when my hairdresser of 24 years decides it is long enough to put up !


  1. Absolutely fascinating, Janice! Love those early photos and your amazing dress collection...that dress of your mother's really is stunning on you.
    My first memory of you is with a 'Purdy' cut - short and very blonde, similar but somehow different from the one you show was before Jessie was born and almost white blonde, I think. How incredibly young you look on the photo when Jessie has just been born too! And Mark looks there as I remember him from work - very dark, very beardy, big glasses.
    Great fun. I'm just a bit sad that I can't do the same - I had some pretty spectacular cuts and colours too in my day but the photos didn't make it through the ages with me. I was also partial to my orange and red days.
    A brilliant idea of Jessie's - I've enjoyed this post very much!

    1. Thanks Annie....a bit self indulgent, but I wanted to record a bit of what Jess had put went down a whole side of the room where we had the party...all labelled with the year. I've missed out the spiky years.....because I don't have digital images of them, and they are too dreadful to consider scanning ! Hope all is well with you...not working too hard, I hope. Jxxx,

  2. A wonderful step back through time and really interesting to see the changes, which on the whole mirrored my haircuts. I particularly remember the perm time which for me went from about 1985-91. In common with you, never to be repeated.

    I must say that with the exception of your treatment time your hair has fared much better than Mark. If I end up using this post as a prompt and link to it you'll notice that at one stage, when Jess was a baby, tim had a similar look to Mark - dark hair, large glasses and dark beard!

    Well done to Jess for organising this photo story.

    1. Thanks Gaynor.... why did we do those perms ? !

  3. Jess enjoyed putting it together...and we all laughed at it. Why oh why did we do those perms ? I must say though I am not unhappy with the hair that appeared after my chemo.....I was completely amazed that it wasn't grey, but if anything I have fewer grey bits than I had before hand...very strange. I did think a similar exercise with photos of Mark would be interesting ! It sounds as if Tim's might be similar. Jx

  4. That was jolly clever of history through hairstyles!
    And as for complaining about pudding basin don't know you were born...I had blasted ringlets...all tied up in rags overnight!

    1. I remember rags too least they were easier to sleep on than rollers !

  5. Dear Janice - I am so pleased that you went ahead, no pun intended, and showed us the photos of all your hair styles and colours. I love the photo of you when Jess was born, you look so young and sweet. Mark certainly had a black head of hair and beard, he looks quite foreign!

    1. yes, Mark's hair has probably changed even more than mine. He had shoulder length dark hair and a huge beard when he married his first wife !

  6. When you posted your party photos on Facebook and I saw what Jess had done I was rather hoping that you might let us see the photos. Love it. So many similarities with my hair through the ages...perms and every colour under the rainbow including bright green (an attempt by me to go dark after being blonde). I'm with red and orange at the moment and yes it does come out on the pillow at night, particularly in the heat of summer. xxx

    1. I love your hair at the moment Ayak...and I loved having ginger hair...maybe I'll go back again, once I've got used to having hair again !

  7. Marvellous selection of photos.Mark Riley was my hairdresser for a good many years - he tried to take me from long to short. He thought I was missing out on so many style choices.Looking back how right he was.

  8. What a lovely imaginative idea of Jess's, and I am so glad you showed us some of the photos. I love the photo in Venice, a perfect location and a pretty outfit. You have been quite adventurous with your hairstyles, and this is a wonderful trip down memory lane. xx

  9. Lovely - all of them! And you've brought back my memories of those stretchy nylon (I think) headbands - they were so useful.
    I seem to have reverted in my 60s to the 1960s and the style I had at 16 - scrunched up in a top-knot!

  10. So glad you let us into your party surprise. Ah the eighties! Farah Fawcett had a lot to answer for (secretly my favourite hairstyle ever)

  11. I love this, Janice, from the first time you mentioned it. Jess is brilliant to use this idea. What fun to see and it must have been even more fun at your party. Well done!
    By-the-way, I "stole" your frame idea. We are planning a 90th anniversary celebration for the garden club and incorporating the frame idea.

  12. Such a brilliant post and what a marvellous way to mark the passage of the years, Janice. I love your variety of hairstyles and colours, which made me realise how very unadventurous I've always been with my hair. Because of having eczema I never dared colour or perm it, so the main difference through the years has been its length, which wouldn't make for much of a photo story. :-)

  13. What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed seeing all the different hairstyles :-)