Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland

There I was thinking my blogging exploits would always be connected to moving between Yorkshire and France, and already, half way through January, 2012 has involved travel much further afield.

Visiting Wisconsin to celebrate the life of a friend who died just before Christmas, proved to be slightly more exciting than anticipated. As we arrived in Chicago, so did the first heavy snow of the Wisconsin winter. It seemed incredibly sensible to upgrade our car rental booking, to a 4 wheel drive jeep. It is many years since I have driven in thick snow, or recently ploughed potentially icy roads......and Mark has never witnessed a Wisconsin, it was very sensible.
The "do" for my friend was fine... or as fine as these things can be, so this blog is actually about the rest of the trip, and really just an excuse to "publish" some of the gorgeous snowy photos we took.
Just north of Chicago, we decided travelling further north in a blizzard was not a good idea

Milwaukee through the windshield

                                 The Town of Wilson, Sheboygan County
Lake Michigan

The Sheboygan River

deer at Terry Andrae

 Beach at Terry Andrae

 Lake Michigan

The road to Howards Grove

Wisconsin red barn

Me & the jeep "patriot"


  1. That red barn is wonderful, isn't it! As for the coat... well, I've said enough already for you to know THAT I WANT IT!!! Sorry, got carried away there...Ax

    1. Annie, if I knew where to get you another one of these coats, I would do.
      I always had a thing about red barns whe I lived in Wisconsin.... and they haven't run out of the paint yet, so they keep painting them whenever they get a bit run down.

  2. What a trip, Janice! Super photos and I too love the red barn. i'm glad the memorial "do" for your friend went well.

  3. Thanks Perpetua, the memorial was good, although I suspect some people who would have come along, stayed home as the weather was so cold. However, the advantage of the cold was the gorgeous snow. Lake Michigan is amazing when the edges freeze !

  4. Hello Janice:
    What an adventure you have had in Wisconsin. You have captured some wonderful images, all made more magical by the snow.

    We are pleased that the memorial service for your friend went well. These are always difficult occasions but it is good to celebrate a life as well as mourn a death.

  5. Thanks J & L, the quickly arranged trip has certainly made an interesting start to the year. Hope all is well with you both.

  6. Janice,

    I "stumbled" across your blog while looking for a photo of the town hall in the Town of Wilson, Sheboygan, WI. I was quite surprised to see a picture of my beloved bell tower on your blog.

    My sisters and I have many childhood memories that gather around that structure. I grew up just down the road and across the bridge from that corner. My mother still lives in her little white house on the river and I travel from California to visit her as often as possible. Terry Andre State Park and the shores of Lake Michigan were our playgrounds.

    Just to the east of the bell tower is the Tellen Woodland Sculpture Gardens. As children we played for hours on these sculptures never thinking that some day it would become a preserved site.

    I am so happy you were able to visit this corner of the world, and who know, perhaps some day our paths may cross.

    Betty Torres