Friday, 10 February 2012

Things done..... and not done.

The never ending " to do " list

Each trip to Caunes begins with a long "to do" list....some things are accomplished, while others transfer to the "to do, next time" list.

Here is a summary of this trips "done" things.

Make a bread bag.......... DONE

I have owned this gorgeous 1950s fabric ( yards and yards of it) since my Auntie Mamie died in the 1970s. I have kept it and thought about her, every time I have considered using it. Finally, I have made something I know she would love.... a bag to keep my bread fresh, and away from surfaces where it might attract insects. I also made a table cloth, and have enough left over for a dressing gown ( note to self.....task for next trip. )

Frame and hang photos of the children to make the place feel more like home.........DONE
The idea was to fill the long downstairs corridor with photos of the children and grandchildren from holidays in France over the last 20 years. I also bought frames to keep empty, to fill up and add to the gallery over the next 20 years.

Find antique lace panel curtain for toilet door......... HALF DONE !

I failed to find the perfect antique panel, so this machine made cow motif curtain will do until I succeed in my quest..... I think the boys will like the idea of cows on the toilet door.

.....and talking of toilets, we have never quite managed to organise having locking toilet or bathroom doors in the houses we have lived in...... so this was a great success for our "to do" list.......

Put  (working) locks on bathroom and toilet doors.....DONE

our visitors will be most impressed

Put our names on the  front door ........   HALF DONE

We managed to remove the previous owners' names from the door, had our own plaque made......but then broke a screw while we were putting it on the door, so it is transferred to the next time list.

Build bunk beds and organise boys' room........DONE

Paint and put up spice rack................DONE

This was an old bookcase that I salvaged from our old house in Mankinholes at the very last minute, thinking, it just might come in handy in France.

Drive the ridiculously large car Mark insisted we have.....and feel confident about it .........DONE......what was all the fuss about ?

Supervise the replacement of the horrendous pink bathroom.......DONE

Can't believe how much better this looks !

We also visited Narbonne on probably the coldest day the world has ever known, saw frozen waves, and lots of people wearing lots of clothes, huddled around cups of hot chocolate. We visited Minerve, which was gorgeous and look forward to returning when the weather is a little warmer. We went to the Carneval in Limoux, and went for a few very very cold walks around Caunes. It is such a beautiful place.


We fed the birds, and watched them from our terrace. We were delighted to find goldfinches, chaffinches, blue and great tits as well as thrushes, blackbirds and sparrows.

We failed to do any gardening ....too cold and too much snow, Mark failed to play golf for the same reasons....and I failed to practise the piano ..... for different reasons.......laziness probably being one of them.
All these things.....and I don't doubt, many others, will be added to the "to do" list for our next trip. 


  1. That sounds like a wonderfully productive and enjoyable stay, Janice. We too have the to-do lists with the transferred jobs. :-)

    1. Yes, it was a productive visit, but relaxed too, as we have definitely mastered the "Oh, well, lets do it another day." approach.

  2. I am awed. Truly. I gave up on lists when we moved out here - I needed to for a while - but the sense of achievement is quite palpable. Well done you! (And Mark too, of course.)

  3. Yes, to be honest it was Mark that put the locks on the doors....and drilled the holes to put the spice rack on the wall.....but I can honestly say he had nothing to do with the bread bag.....and the bunk beds was a truly joint effort.

  4. Everyone needs a to do list, especially me! The bathroom looks lovely! I too made a bread bag when we moved to Catalunya, although it hasn't been used very often!

  5. Maybe the bread bag is something we just think we need.....when I've been on holiday in France before, ( we stayed in the same rented French home near Draguinan for many years, and there was one there)so I just sort of thought I'm bound to need it....not so sure now, but I enjoyed making it, and using my long held onto fabric ! Thanks for your comment.