Friday, 20 June 2014

Marble time again

Amazingly enough, I have just attended my 3rd marble fete in Caunes and watched my 3rd procession of the saints.

Marble on display outside the abbey.....under the watchful eye of what I suspect is another marble statue

The Saints being brought out of the church by the men who waited outside, chatting and smoking, while the women attended the hour long mass inside the church

Year 1: I was on my own as Mark was working in England ....and got all the timings wrong, I kept walking down to the village to find some event had just finished or was hours from starting.

Year 2: I was in the first weeks after chemo and radiotherapy, and remember venturing out for a short walk among the exhibits before sitting in the bar and drinking coffee with friends...which was really all I was up to at that stage.

Year 3:  Well, this year we felt so experienced..... real old hands at marble festivals.

Local produce stands everywhere
For a start we knew not to expect the village meal to begin on time......we still arrived too early, but not as early as in previous years.

We wandered through the Caunes streets, catching some interesting exhibits......some we had seen before.....last year and the year before.

Saw the Rosie the Riveter figure here last year....might have to buy her next year if she makes another appearance

I loved this....not marble of course....wood.

ok...  another one that wasn't marble...
Metal and something else...not sure what.
There were also the usual dancers and musicians

What is she thinking ?

The weather has been glorious for a couple of weeks now, in fact it was too hot for me last week. It has cooled a little now, and I have been enjoying watching the vegetables grow...almost visibly, as the sun ( and twice daily watering ! ) does its magic. Mark has been on a couple of bike rides, I've been walking, and visiting vide greniers and we've both been swimming.

I managed to avoid buying this at a vide grenier
Now, we're wondering where the last 2 months have gone, as we head back to Yorkshire tomorrow for hospital visits, dentist appointments, hairdressers appointments and a couple of golf tournaments Mark wants to play, the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival......and most importantly,  Le Grand Depart of le Tour in Yorkshire.

 I'm particularly looking forward to Hebden Bridge's street party on 5 July... called "Le Grand deParty". 

We'll be Back in Caunes in just  a couple of weeks....certainly in time to catch the rest of Le Tour as it winds its way around France, with another depart to be seen, in Carcassonne on the 21stJuly.

But at this very minute... we're looking forward to seeing all the children and grandchildren.....particularly catching up with the "parkrun" adventures that they are all involved with these days.
Dexter, in the middle in the pale blue top, warming up for a junior parkrun event.


  1. Hello Janice:

    Such fun! We should love the Marble Festival and everything to do with it from wandering up and down the stalls, to watching the procession of the Saints [adore that kind of thing which happens with us in August], to the village dinner which, we imagine, extends well into the night.

    You obviously have many plans for your time in Yorkshire. We do hope the weather will be kind to you.

    1. I really do hope the weather is kind to Yorkshire for the days of Le Tour. It will be a wonderful event, if the weather is fine, and will showcase Yorkshire's beauty to so many people. ...And yes, you are right about the meal extending on into the night. It was supposed to start at 7pm..... first course was served at about 8.30, and it was still going strong when we left at 10.

  2. What fun, Janice, a Marble Fete, with lots of interesting sculpture there for the buying. And music, and wine - Caunes is a very interesting place. I find the wooden pieces particularly appealing, and hope you found something special to take home. Good luck in Yorkshire with the medicals - I'm having more of the same too. Fingers crossed! Happy summering xx

    1. Hope all goes well with your checks's always there, isn't it....lurking in the backs of our minds. I enjoy keeping it lurking right at the very back !

  3. Oh I've fallen in love the wooden ship sculpture! I'm much more a wood person than a marble person so delighted you included this. The people you've captured look to be from another era entirely, don't they? Glad you got the timings better this year especially if the weather's been hot...I know the feeling, although living with FR means that we are rarely early for things - he knows, you know!
    I can't believe two months have gone by either - are you absolutely sure?? Have a great time at Hebden Bridge - sounds like yet more fun. Enjoy....just so sorry we won't coincide. :-(

  4. Its not quite 2 months, we arrived in the first week of May.... so I think its been just over 7 weeks. In one way it feels as if we have been here for ages as we just fitted straight back into French mode, and of course, now that the heat has finally arrived, the lazy days of not doing much at all just slide together. My big hope is that the weather is fine in Yorkshire for Le Tour. So much effort has been put into making it a success by so many people, it would be tragic if it is cold grey and wet......which we know can happen in our part of the world !
    There is a sculptor in Hebden Bridge who makes wooden hillsides that look like that ship.....the over and underdwellings of Hebden hills, with all the terracing of those houses that look as if they are just clinging onto a cliff edge. I think you would love them.
    It is such a shame that we aren't going to get to meet in the UK this year. We will have to be much more organised in future ! Lots of love Jxxx

  5. Safe journey tomorrow, Janice. The weather is set fair for the moment, much cooler than Caunes of course, with the breeze from the north, but dry and mostly sunny or sunny intervals.

    I know just what you mean about becoming old hands at the village fete. Things don't change much from year to year, but it's all so good-natured and enjoyable. :-) I too love the wood and metal sculptures more than I do the marble. It all looks so much fun.

    As for the grandchildren and their parkrun, they put us to shame. So good for them and I bet they have a wonderful time.

  6. Safe journey back to Yorkshire....and haven't you just cracked the timing of village fetes and meals!
    I used to enjoy looking out for a particularly hideous vase which used to appear at the village vide grenier - every year! It was a massy piece and always looked as if it would be good for gladioli.....but clearly wasn't.

  7. Bon voyage. I love the French costumes

  8. Safe trip back to Yorkshire. Again you take such lovely photos and give us a taste of life in Caunes. Very enjoyable post xxx

  9. By this time you will be basking in the West Yorkshire sunshine, I'm sure - hope it's as lovely as it is over here in North Yorks! And that it stays that way for what I call The Yellow Peril. I'm such a killjoy!