Friday, 6 June 2014

Short and sweet

It was so good to spend a few days with daughter Jess. Her visit to us here in Caunes was very short and very sweet. The weather wasn’t perfect, but as she kept assuring me , she did not come to sunbathe. We managed a few rays by the pool, but basically talked non-stop for 3 days.

By the pool....proving the sun shone some of the time
As a newly appointed teacher, starting her first job in September, she was very excited about it all. We talked about her interview, her classroom, her children, her colleagues, her student friends who have already got jobs lined up as well as those who are still applying. I also heard all about a planned trip to Chester Zoo, with a class she had on her last teaching practice. I’m not sure I’d be as excited as she is about taking 30 x 4 and 5 year olds anywhere.

at" La TableD'Emilie" in Caunes.....great food and wine and brilliant service.

We ate out the whole time she was here….never mind home cooked meals, it seemed more important not to waste talking time cooking.

Mark and Jess at La Petite Pepiniere....again....sunshine !

We visited La Petite Pepiniere, the gorgeous garden/nursery in Caunes, and fitted in 2 vide greniers and a bread festival.

Jess checking out stalls at the vide grenier in Carcassonne

I don't think this guy sold much, he was fast asleep.

Georgian dancers at the fete du pain.

The blessing of the bread at le fete du pain

So, a busy and enjoyable time was had by all.


  1. The photos say it all, Janice. Who needs sunshine when you're all radiating so much happiness? Axxx

    1. It was good to see her Annie, even though it has only been 5 weeks since we were in the UK...and we are going back to England in 2 weeks time for a couple of still felt important to celebrate her new job. It was also good in that it showed her how easy it is to just come over for a few days... she lives 15 minutes from John Lennon airport....the flight is less than 2 hours...and its only a 20/30 minutes journey from Carcassonne to Caunes.Keeping an eyes on Ryanair prices means she knows she can spend time here easily.....but I guess the school holiday price hike will now be a problem for her ! Jxxxx

  2. Delighted that you had a wonderful few days with Jess - we have our granddaughter with us at the moment, just finished her finals, and we are returning her back to Oxford tomorrow. We have loved having her with us too. Your daughter looks a lovely girl.

  3. I expect your granddaughter is relieved to have her finals over, and will have enjoyed her break with you. We certainly loved having Jess with us, even if only for a few days.

  4. Lovely photographs where the love and contentment shine through...from all of you.
    This can't be bought, but has been worked for over a lifetime.

  5. Happy days for you! My favourite occupation is nattering to my children. And I'm lucky - even though they are men (I think of them as boys) 3 out of 4 love to talk!

  6. Perfect, Janice - and a ray of sunshine as I look at these photos and all your sparkling smiles.

  7. I just love the photos which tell the story of these few days almost without need of words, Janice. You must have had so much to talk about at this turning-point in Jess's life. She is a truly lovely young woman and her pupils will be fortunate to have her as their teacher.